Rufus Evison

Kew Gardens, London

Technology Management Executive

Innovative and achievement-oriented professional, with a unique balance of leadership skills, change management expertise and entrepreneurial savvy. Offering extensive senior leadership, strategic development and digital marketing experience.  Track record of delivering disruptive innovation, increasing operational effectiveness and positioning organisations for sustained success.

Core Competencies

Start-Up Leadership

Strategic Planning

Technical Strategy

Board Management

Change Management

Product Development

Business Development

Business Intelligence

Professional Profile


Clickstream Technologies PLC - Chief Technical Officer (1997 – 1999)

Led the company’s strategic direction and developed the organisation’s technical infrastructure, including securing £5M in funding. 

·   Grew the company from three people to a 50-member team. 

·   Expanded sales from £0 to approx. £750K per engagement, with high level clients like Thomas Pink and The FA (UK football association).

Select Consulting and Non-Executive Experience

Reward Technology (2013 – Present)

Advising on positioning and helping prepare the strategy for presentation to the various different stakeholders (retailers, retail analysts, .shopping malls and CPG).

The Audit Bureau of Circulations Electronic (ABCe) (2002 – Present)

Advise on technical strategy and implementation strategies.  Facilitate training to familiarise staff with the practicalities that relate their work to web sites in the real world – ensuring teams understand what web sites are used for in practice and what people want to measure, as well as why and how they measure it.

NCT trading Ltd. (2012 - present)

Non-Executive Director, educated the Board about the possibilities of social media for the childbirth trust and potential use of data with respect to the health and wellness industry. Advise on technical strategy and implementation strategies.  Facilitate training to familiarise the board and senior management team with the practicalities that relate their web sites – understanding what can be measured and the most efficient uses of data within the trust

EYC (2011 – 2013)

Head of Digital / Digital Strategy Associate, providing expert advice on bringing retail insight to on-line services and creating commercial offerings for big retailers. Advising on Privacy regulations in the digital space internationally. Guiding the company in tying online and offline using data to create customer centric experiences and offers.

Starfish (2010 – Present)

Serve as Insight and Strategy Associate, providing expert advice on bringing to market on-line services and transforming them into truly commercial offerings.




FusePump  (2010 – Present)

Non-Executive Director, Guided the company from having and interesting technology through developing a proposition for the trade driving retail industry to making inroads into Media Budgets for existing companies. During the period I have been involved in FusePump I have taken them from having no sales through 100+% Year on year growth to their current position as a market leader.

Global Diagnostics (2006)

Stepped in following the CTO’s rapid departure.  Assisted with solutions provision for a major rollout plan to 21 hospitals and addressed issues caused by the strategic management gap.  Provided oversight and guidance, from strategic planning to deep technical networking.  Oversaw the integrated web-based systems that made up a radiology patient care solution.

·   Immediately diagnosed and fixed the major technical issue and addressed a perceived inability to deliver on client objectives.  Delivered significant increases in system performance / speed.

·   Mended a critical client engagement, staving off a looming separation of the organisation’s most valuable client.

·   Installed systems and processes to avoid a recurrence of key problems and allow a full handover to the new CTO.

Niovo, Ltd. (2005)

Partnered in all aspects of the start-up web hosting company’s strategy, from service / solution development to marketing and partnership development.  Leveraged analytics to drive targeted marketing. 

·   Delivered significant usability improvements and a shorter transaction funnel. 

Positioned the company for sale to SWSoft in 2005.


Other small businesses I am  currently advising include:

Buying Butler, HiNet, Smart Pipe, Secure Virtual, Present Finder, Reward Technologies, MSC, Breaking Trends

Select Executive Experience

Clickstream Technologies Plc.London, UK

08/1999 – 08/2007

Chief Technical Officer

Developed the industry leading web analytics company – a response to an unfilled requirement for accurate data on website usage to allow full commercial exploitation of the Internet.  Invented the solution and guided the corporate / technical strategy.  Wrote all external facing documentation.

·   Separated Clickstream from Green Cathedral, which was providing a value added analytics service for websites they produced.  Secured approx. £15M in funding.

·   Developed the stand-alone technology into one that is widely recognised as the most accurate data gathering technology available (99.97% accurate in an independent audit).

·   Maintained market dominance by positioning Clickstream as the privacy friendly solution – a solution that had largely been dismissed as either impossible or impractical.

·   Provided the company with a clearer value proposition by restructuring its offering to include previously unrealised key benefits in the areas of cost cutting, accurate data provision, security and automation.

·   Created a targetable product that addressed the unique concerns of a broad range of clients, including General Electric Capital, Virgin Money, Bradford and Bingley Group,, Direct Wines and UKTV.

·   Expanded market share and brand perception by writing articles for a variety of forums, including US Banking and Revolution Magazine, in addition to providing consultancy for industry standards bodies (ABCe, WAA and IAB).

·   Created multiple, granted patents with minimal input from solicitors (as well as a few still under consideration).

Green Cathedral Plc.Cambridge, UK

2000 – 2003

Board Member (2000 – 2003)

Maintained a position on the board of Green Cathedral as the company continued to grow, with a focus on ensuring that GC’s technical direction continued to be strategically led, rather than dragged tactically by short-term customer requirements.

·   Integral in planning the separation of GC into four different companies – representing the four areas of the core business –which has shown dividends in terms of profitability and accountability. 

·   Wrote the company’s security policy, allowing GC to contract with “Which Magazine.”  A previous security breach of the client’s new media solution required new providers to present a stringent, standards compliant policy.

Director – eNetSale Cambridge, UK

1998 – 1999

Guided the online retail “mall” through initial start-up and towards their final trade sale.  Built the organisation from 0 to 100+ small businesses, prior to the company being purchased in a corporate acquisition.  Advised on the technical aspects of online media, helping to prevent fatal flaws in the technical architecture and ensuring scalability.

Director – Cambridge Trishaws Ltd. – Cambridge City / London, UK


Established the UK’s first successful bicycle taxi service, including preparing the business case and winning a bid for council licensing within Cambridge City.  Negotiated a lucrative exclusivity contract.

Managing Director – Media Wizard Ltd. Cambridge, UK

1996 – 1997

Led numerous projects for the viral marketing pioneer, including projects for Autonomy Systems Inc. and Sole Traders.  Created screensavers for Autonomy Systems and CB1; oversaw all aspects of the project, from concept to implementation.


MA, Mathematics (Honours) – Girton College, Cambridge University – Cambridge, UK

Select Affiliations

Roll Committee Member / Chair, New Initiatives Group – Girton College, Cambridge University

  2006 – Present

Fellow – Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA)

2008 – Present

Member – ABCe Internet Technical Group

2002 – 2008

Chair, Standards Subcommittee – Web Analytics Association (WAA)

 2004 ­– 2005

Select Volunteer Experience

Advisor – Wildlife Link

 2005 – 2009

Technical Advisor – House Of Hope Project for Children

Non Executive Director - NCT trading ltd

 2005 – 2006

Select Patents

Clickstream Patent EC: G06F11/34T12; H04L12/26M; IPC: G06F15/173 Publication info: US6763383 - 2004-07-13